Organ Pipe National Forest
on the US/Mexico Border to watch a lunar eclipse

Mo joined us Thursday to share the lunar eclipse with us at the Organ Pipe National Forest on the US/Mexico Border.  We set chairs on top of the camper, popped a beer and waited for moonrise.

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When it finally appeared the eclipse was already starting and within  a couple of  hours, we were viewing a russet moon against a field of stars with our binoculars.  This is the only time you can see a full moon and all the stars at the same time.  It looked so 3D.  Like some sci-fi movie sky.

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Next morning, Friday, we broke camp and headed for the border to wait for the rest of the group.  Dean and Nancy had a flat on their motor home, so it was about 4pm before we crossed into Mexico and caravaned South to the La Jolla RV on the beach.  This time the the Mexican authority waved everyone else through but me!  They asked me to pull over.  I was thinking I was going to have to go through the same routine we did last time, but all they wanted was to show me that my pad lock on my trailer wasn't locked.  I guess we may have them finally trained now to accept PPG's without a fuss.  Time will tell.

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